PAN-RC is a multi-sector collaborative committed to building active, healthy communities so everyone will move more

About PAN-RC & HCP

The Physical Activity Network - Renfrew County (PAN-RC) is a co-ordinated network of multi sector organizations and community champions working together to create and enhance environments and accessible programs that support every person's opportunity for improved health, well-being and a higher quality of life.

The Healthy Communities Partnership (HCP) builds on the PAN-RC mandate through healthy policy development that contributes to improved health, well-being and quality of life for everyone.  Our focus is on the Social and Environmental Determinants of Health and collaborative work on Health in all Policies.

PAN-RC Vision

Renfrew County is filled with healthy active people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds surrounded by supportive environments and inclusive opportunities.

PAN-RC Mission

To support and develop accessible opportunities for residents and visitors to integrate physical activity into their daily lives – where they live, play, learn and work. As a co-ordinated and collaborative multi-sector network, we positively contribute to the factors and forces that determine the health of our communities and all community members. We are committed to creating and supporting environments that inspire every person’s opportunity for increased quality and quantity of physical activity, regardless of age, ability, background or income.

PAN-RC Rationale

Physical activity plays a significant role in the quality of both our physical and mental health. Increases in daily physical activity have a direct and positive link to our sense of well-being, productivity, physical and mental health, primary and secondary health prevention, and rehabilitation. Increasing the amount of movement in our daily lives, from moderate to vigorous and incidental to purposeful has the capacity to drastically improve our overall well being and provide our communities with substantially improved health outcomes.

PAN-RC Priority Areas

PAN-RC focuses its efforts on the following six priority areas:
- Social Determinants of Health
– Natural Environment
- Mental Health & Well-Being
- Engagement
- Built Environment
- Accessiblity

History of the PAN-RC

Supported by the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Health Promotion, the formation and development of the network was initiated with a PAN Conference in Calabogie, Ontario on October 23, 2008.

The concept was conceived by a group of unlikely suspects who shared a commitment to health, prevention, supportive environments. Partners believe in the value of collective community action and recognize that it is the Social Determinants of Health that provide choice and shape preventative health opportunities. Sustainability and Strategic Planning for PAN-RC have been supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


Partnership includes the following principles:

1.  A commitment to our collective goal of improving the health, well-being and quality of life for eveyone in Renfrew County.

2.  Share knowledge of related events, projects and activities that support our collective goal.

3.  Contribute to collaborative projects as they relate to your organization, community or personal mandates and commitments.

The foundation of our work is built on the principles of an ecological model for health, supported by the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.  Both support the need for a healthy natural environment and a positive connection to strong communities as fundamental to our health, well-being and quality of life.

Artistic Contributors

Many photos on this website were provide by Michael Davis-Burchat and the Friends of Bonnechere Parks. We invite you to visit their Flickr Photostreams.