MOVE MORE to realize the myriad mental and physical health benefits of being active in the outdoors

Move More

Social Health Benefits

  • greater participation in activities that are fun
  • improved sense of well being
  • stronger sense of independence
  • increased quality time spent with friends and family
  • opportunities to meet new people

Community Health Benefits

  • builds stronger and healthier community members
  • creates engaging and inclusive community spaces
  • improves sense of purpose and productivity
  • increases the capacity of our health care system
  • contributes to an active and engaged population
  • enhances economic development opportunities
  • enhances tourism opportunities through pedestrian/cycling trail promotion for residents and visitors

Physical Health Benefits

  • builds stronger muscles and bones
  • decreases the risk of chronic disease
  • contributes to the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease
  • provides a greater ability to manage chronic disease
  • helps to maintain or reach a healthy body weight

Mental Health Benefits

  • improves ability to manage stress
  • increases self confidence
  • improves sleep patterns
  • improves feeling of overall well being
  • personal sense of accomplishment

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