PAN-RC supports access to inclusive  physical activity opportunities for everyone towards improving overall quality of life

Our Health

Renfrew County Health Statistics

Renfrew County health statistics provided us with a strong impetus for ACTION. In light of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) documents released in June, 2008, a coordinated and timely action backed strategy was required. The critical nature of the numbers clearly places the need to address physical inactivity levels high on our community’s priorities.

  • 59% of children and adults have poor diet
  • 54% of population has a post-secondary education
  • 50% of children and adults are obese
  • 47% of children and adults are inactive
  • 26.2% of population is low income
  • 25% of children and adults smoke
  • 18% of children and adults have high blood pressure
  • 16.8% of population is senior
  • 7.9% of population is unemployed
  • 5.6% of population is Aboriginal
  • 4.4% of population lives in poverty
  • In 2006, according to Stats Canada, 3670 people walked or biked to work in the week prior to the census.

Improving the health of our population has a direct impact on the overall well being of our community as a whole. A strong network of multi-sector stakeholders, such as PAN, that supports access to inclusive physical activity opportunities for everyone is an important step towards a vision of improving the quality of life for everyone in Renfrew County.

Canadian Health Statistics

  • 91% of all children own bicycles; only 5 percent ride them to school
  • 87% of children and youth do not participate in minimum 90 minutes of physical activity per day
  • 62% of adult population is overweight or obese
  • 27% of Canadian children and youth are obese
  • 8.6 hours/day: average daily screen time per child

Use the comments form below to share additional health stats, and ideas on how we can all work together to improve these numbers.