we are working to reduce stigmas and raise awareness around mental health and well-being across renfew county

Pedal Forward

Pedal Forward! Building on the Wheels of Clara's Big Ride

In June of 2014, Renfrew County was honoured and fortunate to host events for Clara's Big Ride, as part of Bell's Let's Talk initiative. Canadian Olympian, Clara Hughes cycled 12,000 km around Canada, in support of Mental Health Awareness. The communities of Deep River and Arnprior hosted full events. Clara herself was pleased to have her cause so well highlighted in Renfrew County.

To ensure Clara's message continues to spread, and to connect communities across Renfrew County, the Pedal Forward! working group has been formed. Pedal Forward! comprises agencies, organizations, clubs, groups, families and individuals who work to reduce stigmas and raise awareness for mental health. Through partnerships and collaboration, supported and promoted multiple events and activities during Mental Health Week, (May 3 to 9), 2015. Every municipality was invited to support these efforts. 

Decals of Recognition Across Renfrew County

In an effort to continue sharing valuable information about County-wide mental health services, Pedal Forward! has produced window decals depicting the Pedal Forward! logo. These have been, and will continute to be placed in organizations and businesses who support mental health and well-being in Renfrew County. In these locations you will find Pedal Forward! rack cards that lists partnering organizations and agencies as well as crisis phone numbers to call for support. If you see a Pedal Forward! decal in the window, the information will be inside, just ask, or, look in the pamphlet section at the organization itself.

Get Involved!

If you know of an event, organization, business or agency which promotes mental health and well-being and would like to partner with organizations in Renfrew County and join this coalition, or, if you wish to work on this initiative with like minded members of our communities, please contact Susan Patterson at connect@kidactive.ca

See below for important documentation and databases including our current Working Group Contacts and Sub Group Contacts, our Terms of Reference, information about who is involved in Pedal Forward!, as well as meeting minutes and agendas.


Watch Pedal Forward! Petawawa 2015


Mental Health Week Events 2015 - May 3 to 9

Pedal Forward! recognized a number of County-wide events during Mental Health Week. See below for the past Mental Health Week Events Schedule and watch for upcoming events though the year. If you have questions about any events, please email the Event Contact listed on the schedules.

Special articles and poems have been written in honor of mental health awareness and topics, these have been featured in our local newspapers in and around Mental Health Week 2015, you can also find them in the documents below.

Beautiful Blue Bike Challenge for Renfrew County Schools

During Mental Health Week 2015, Pedal Forward! challenged students of Renfrew County Schools to form a team, paint a bike blue, send a photo of their team and the bike in to Pedal Forward! We've posted these images on our site, all to continue Clara's message to reduce stigmas and raise awareness for mental health. See below for Beautiful Blue Bike Challenge details. Also, see a database list of locations of Blue Bikes across Renfew County. The bikes are availaible at any time to borrow for use at events. The database includes names and contacts for each bike.

Check out some photos of Beautiful Blue Bike Challenge for Renfrew County Schools!

Watch Breaking the SilenceCOGECO's video on the suicide awareness presentation, held at Phoenix Centre in February, 2015.