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Rural Ontario Active Recreation - ROAR

Rural Ontario Active Recreation (ROAR) is a community-based partnership comprised of recreation professionals from rural areas of Eastern Ontario. ROAR has been designed to offer opportunities to those in recreation and health care, volunteers and municipal staff, to further expand knowledge, training and networking prospects and collaborations with peers in the fields of recreation and community development.

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The purpose of ROAR is to grow and expand the field of recreation and promote its benefits to users across rural Ontario. We strongly believe that you don't have to do anything alone. By creating a strong network of connections, we can all achieve BIG outcomes in our small rural areas, working together through the sharing of expertise, knowlege and experiences. 

Our goals are to provide a voice through opportunity and hands on sessions to those in the recreation field; build on the positives, and focus on the enhancement of health and social benefits through active living in communities across rural Ontario.